Read, check existence, check arity and execute commands


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Version 0.1

This version is the initial version with basic stuffs :
  • RedisCore (Verilog/FPGA)
    • RAM blocks
    • FIFO
    • UART input/output 115200bds 8N1
    • Command existence validation
    • Command arity check
    • Arbitrary processing
    • Reply
  • RedisService (C/Microcontroller)
    • Nothing (yet)
  • Hardware (Backplane and daughter PCBs)
    • Nothing (yet)

see document#2

UART for input/output simulation

Accept incoming data and forward them, accept forwarded data and send them. The forward and accept design has to be compatible with a network connection design. This UART design is temporary, for tests and has to be replacable by a TCP/IP design.

Memory manager

The goal is to manage real-time background garbage collection and defragmentation. Each used memory block address is stoerd in a memory block pointer table and the IP Blocks only use indirect pointers, address in the memory block table. Thus, a physical memory block can be moved transparently, as long as the address in the block table is changed atomically.

Memory block table entries

RAM Block Address and RAM Block size


  • Allocate a block
  • Free a block

Command parsing

The goal is to receive a RESP encoded command from UART and reply to UART.

  1. Consume (parse) the arity (RESP array size) and first string (RESP array first string)
  2. Early (before consuming the arguments) return "ERR Command not found" if the command is not in the command table (internal M9K RAM).
  3. Early return "ERR Wrong arity" if the parsed string count is incompatible with the command retrieved in the command table.
  4. Find enough consecutive available RAM block allocation table entries accordingly to the arguments count
  5. Store the arguments in a memory block (internal M9K yet), update the RAM allocation table entries with the address of each argument
  6. Pass the first RAM allocation entry to the appropriate command circuit block module
  7. Wait until RDY
  8. Copy the result string from RAM (design to be specified) to UART



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