Hakeva (pronounce hae-key-va) means Hardware Key Value
(aka Hardware Redis, or hwredis)
...and also "rare" in Finnish

Until I fix Redmine/Hg integration, the repository is available at

Be aware that this project will probably never reach a useful status. It helps me to learn FPGA configuration with Verilog
Designing and building such and electronic hardware, a firmware and a gateware is my new personal challenge.

This project
- Is designed from scratch and Redis public documentation
- in Verilog to implement the core in FPGA/ASICs
- in C to implement the exposed service in Microcontrolers.

To provide high advantages in terms of :
- Unreacheable performances
- Hardware and software HA
- Hardware and software scalability
- Security risk mitigation (no virus, no overflow)
- Costs

If you want to clone this Mercurial (Hg) repository, use the following command :

hg clone

or if you did not import my personal CA certificates (available from :
hg clone --insecure

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Manager : Fran├žois Cerbelle