• Demo VM

    A compact virtual machine embedding all the infrastructure softwares installed and configured (Apache, Tomcat and Mod_Jakarta, OpenSSL and mod_SSL, Java, PHP, MySQL and PhpMyAdmin, PostgreSQL and PhpPgAdmin, MongoDB and RockMongo, OpenLDAP and PhpLdapAdmin, CAS, ...), and applications using this infrastructure, to help demonstrating integrations, reproducing test cases or customer issues, making proofs of concepts, grabbing screenshots or snippets, ......

  • Domoid

    Domoticz ([[]]) home-automation system for Android, with Pebble-watch ([[]]) support.

  • FC005-ElectronicLoad

    Version Fran├žaise sur mon blog:

    This project includes :
    - The hardware design and build (Kicad)
    - The firmware source and binaries (Arduino IDE)
    - The 3D printed enclosure design source (FreeCAD)

    I needed a small electronic load, I wanted to have one. Even the smallest are way too expensive for my usage and miss a lot of wished features. Thus, I specified high ratings and numerous features, way over my needs, even if I meet 50% of the specs, this will be more than my actual need....


    Source Jekyll de mon blog
    Jekyll sources for my blog

  • Hakeva

    Hakeva (pronounce hae-key-va) means Hardware Key Value
    (aka Hardware Redis, or hwredis)
    ...and also "rare" in Finnish

    Until I fix Redmine/Hg integration, the repository is available at

    *Be aware that this project will probably never reach a useful status. It helps me to learn FPGA configuration with Verilog...

  • mkernel

    Multiplatform-Distributed application framework
    Micro-kernel based, everything as a module

  • PAC

    (Pluggable | Power) (Administration | Application) (Client | Console)

  • Packer

    My packer configuration to build vagrant boxes

  • Puppet Modules

    My puppet modules, mainly tested on and developped for Debian

  • Raspberry Pi Cluster

    Hardware :
    The idea is to create a mini cluster with 15 raspberry pi connected to a single 16 port switch and to a single 5V power supply. It has to be as light as possible and transportable. Each node need to be switchable (on/off) easily and to have a minimal UI (LEDs connected to GPIO pins)....

  • Vagrant

    My vagrant configuration to instanciate immediate clusters

  • Verilog

    Meta-project with subprojects
    Verilog playground for FPGA (Altera/Intel Cyclone family)
    - SDRAM
    - FIFO
    - UART
    - ...

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