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This project includes :
- The hardware design and build (Kicad)
- The firmware source and binaries (Arduino IDE)
- The 3D printed enclosure design source (FreeCAD)

I needed a small electronic load, I wanted to have one. Even the smallest are way too expensive for my usage and miss a lot of wished features. Thus, I specified high ratings and numerous features, way over my needs, even if I meet 50% of the specs, this will be more than my actual need.

Electronic Load 150V/30A/150W
Modes: Constant current, Constant voltage, Constant resistance, Constant power, battery capacity test
Protections: Thermal (cut-off), fan control, Overcurrent, Overvoltage, Polarity inversion.
Status LEDs, Buzzer feedback, 20x04 LCD, 5x4 Keypad, Rotary selector, ext.trigger, ext.temp.sensor (for batt.test safety), Local and remote Voltage sense
Programmable, Open-source (Atmel Atmega328p and Arduino IDE based) and Open-hardware (Kicad based), cheap and easy to reproduce.

All details are available in the Wiki

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Manager : François Cerbelle