From 10/26/2013 to 11/24/2013


10:35 PM Revision 65:a1094fd9ca6c (demovm): Added disk usage to system log plugin
François Cerbelle
09:19 PM Revision 64:c17d665b53f8 (demovm): Bugfixes : License update page, Services and Logs management page
* Error when only one license out of two provided in the form
* PHP warning about quotes forgotten around a constant ...
François Cerbelle
03:14 PM Revision 63:6b178eaa40eb (demovm): Added/Ported AdHoc Standard Deviation aggregation (Closes #32)
François Cerbelle
01:04 PM Revision 62:719852d46e5a (demovm): CAS, JETL and JRS status-only in service management
* Bugfix : no button when no available command in Services management
* CAS service status in Service management (Ref...
François Cerbelle
12:22 PM Revision 61:dc6a4450c2c4 (demovm): Web Service management (CommandLine,JobServer,Infobright,MongoDB,MySQL,PostgreSQL)
* Bugfix 'grep -v grep' in Logs and Services scripts
* CommandLine service management plugin (Closes #92)
* JobServer...
François Cerbelle


10:58 PM Revision 60:96d80ce0bd72 (demovm): Services management interface
* Services management web user interface
* Apache service management plugin (Closes #88)
* Tomcat service management ...
François Cerbelle
10:28 PM Revision 59:0a82f0dcd6d3 (demovm): Bugfixes and extra checks in the services status
François Cerbelle
08:23 PM Revision 58:3be943841ccd (demovm): Ported AdHoc Curency units extension (Closes #31)
François Cerbelle
07:07 PM Revision 57:6fb1911046e2 (demovm): License update page, CA Key and Cert update page
* Updated, secured, sanitized the license update page
* Fixed JasperReports Server logfilename and logfilepath
* Crea...
François Cerbelle
05:12 PM Revision 56:d26deb39e399 (demovm): Log and stats viewer in web UI
* Log view web user interface framework (References #35, #37)
* System logs plugin (References #86)
* Tomcat logs plu...
François Cerbelle


09:49 PM Revision 55:926cea70e005 (demovm): New web page, Java and PHP publication in HTTP and HTTPs, Code cleanup
* New web pages framework (CSS, resources, templates)
* SSH console embedded in web pages
* Direct Tomcat HTTP connec...
François Cerbelle


08:36 AM Revision 54:d7e08fade842 (demovm): Merged 5.5.0-1 and NewWebpage
François Cerbelle
08:16 AM Revision 52:04bebb1feb41 (demovm): Added tag DemoVM-5.5.0-1 for changeset 36abaddf4a30
François Cerbelle


06:18 PM Revision 51:36abaddf4a30 (demovm): Closes #56
François Cerbelle
06:14 PM Revision 50:dd64683f693b (demovm): Dynamically update Tomcat memory setting
Dynamically updates the tomcat's Xmx, PermSize and MaxPermSize depending on the defined rules and on the VM hardware ... François Cerbelle
01:54 PM Revision 49:ebd9f4dea68b (demovm): Big commit, see details below
- Separated the Install script configuration section
- Factorized the GUEST/HOST IP detection
- Replaced the lastip.t...
François Cerbelle


06:02 PM Revision 53:84023d99d5cc (demovm): New web page integration, personal email removal
References #35 François Cerbelle
05:53 PM Revision 48:d4ba44d9451e (demovm): Removed TODO list from script and web pages (Closes #83)
François Cerbelle
05:35 PM Revision 47:b7c8ece3fa8e (demovm): File path and VM name fix
The download path was still refering to previous development
The VM name and VM disk filename were not in sync
François Cerbelle
03:11 PM Revision 46:b530c51d8b90 (demovm): JETL 5.3.1 Installation and initialization
AMC, Audit, Admin SQL dumps updated
SVN repository archive updated
Moved kernel swap config in separate file
François Cerbelle
03:06 AM Revision 45:02223339d6b6 (demovm): Local Mongo repo, Bugfix in auto-resizing, JETL samples disabled
Local MongoDB repository mirror faster than AWS EC2
BugFix in sed provisioner to wait before mounting /
Disable JETL ...
François Cerbelle
01:49 AM Revision 44:ab47a0d62da9 (demovm): Updated files from main branch
François Cerbelle
01:45 AM Revision 43:22a60d63c150 (demovm): JETL auto install script
François Cerbelle


09:50 PM Revision 41:1b41dff57827 (demovm): Several improvements
- sleep 1s after modprobe before mounting / (References #64)
- Exim4 preseeding attempt to make Stage2 unattended
- L...
François Cerbelle
11:31 AM Revision 40:2b3d4fcacd55 (demovm): Removed auto-resizing logic from second stage
Closes #64 François Cerbelle
11:29 AM Revision 39:dad35f44e9ad (demovm): l10n in en_US, partitionning and ssl-cert addition
- Fixed i18n setting to en_US (Closes #65)
- Adjusted the auto partitionning in preseed
- Added ssl-cert to manage ss...
François Cerbelle


04:11 PM Revision 38:06d3dfff99c4 (demovm): Automatize VM creation with base OS install and autoresize scripts
Closes #63 François Cerbelle


07:27 PM Revision 42:2f557d62248d (demovm): Added JETLPlus install files to ignore list
François Cerbelle
07:24 PM Revision 37:418d696e39ae (demovm): Removed mysql.jar specific installations (Liferay, JRS), it is installed system wide
François Cerbelle
05:38 PM Revision 36:679c27d5e803 (demovm): Copy JDBC drivers to Tomcat's Classpath too
Closes #62 François Cerbelle
05:27 PM Revision 35:779066825412 (demovm): Scripted visualize.js/BIF installation
Closes #59 François Cerbelle
05:17 PM Revision 34:013dfa201edd (demovm): BugFix: Extra space in JDBC Drivers breaks auto-documentation (Closes #60)
François Cerbelle
04:53 PM Revision 33:81267d092db4 (demovm): JDBCDrivers and Domain security bugfix
VM Version added in Issue message
BugFix: JDBCDrivers instead of JDBC Drivers Closes: #60
BugFix: DomainSecurity JRS ...
François Cerbelle


10:02 PM Revision 32:e57f488e1eda (demovm): Resources (RAM/CPU) dynamic (rule based) allocation for Infobright and MySQL
- Adapted UpdateIssue to display the allocation
- Rules for Infobright ServerHeap, LoaderHeap, Threads
- Rules for My...
François Cerbelle
04:32 PM Revision 31:67c2ca43fc3b (demovm): Disabled MongoDB file preallocation
If enabled, MongoDB preallocate at least 2 2GB files on the
filesystem. It gives better insertion performances, but w...
François Cerbelle
11:16 AM Revision 30:dfa22a430b56 (demovm): GoogleMap sample update switched to HTTP instead of HTTPS
Modified the UpdateJasperGoogleMap and UpdateJasperGoogleMap2 functions, which are triggered when the IP changes, to ... François Cerbelle
10:19 AM Revision 29:8bc10372ed87 (demovm): DomainSecurity JRS sample, Preloading, Redmine link
- Updated DomainSecurity JRS samples with Samples skeleton
- Added DomainSecurity JRS samples with MySQL and IB DB
- ...
François Cerbelle


06:10 PM Revision 28:61b4264a9bce (demovm): Rockmongo installation scripted
Closes #49 François Cerbelle
05:23 PM Revision 27:a35c4d457621 (demovm): Heads merge
François Cerbelle
05:20 PM Revision 26:3f5890a7ab12 (demovm): Added rockmongo in installation files and in ignore
References #49 François Cerbelle
05:19 PM Revision 25:4fe97606ce42 (demovm): Added rockmongo in installation files and in ignore list
François Cerbelle
05:15 PM Revision 24:e30be662866d (demovm): MongoDB server installation scripted, doc improved, link to redmine
- Link to redmine project instead of personal email
- PostgreSQL message fix
- PostgreSQL documentation improved
François Cerbelle
04:38 PM Revision 23:f97d7fe977c9 (demovm): Scripted postgreSQL and PhpPgAdmin installation
Closes #46, #47 François Cerbelle
02:06 PM Revision 22:cf78c7d8daed (demovm): File repository path changed, Removed SyncInfobright and added JDBC driver deployment
Deploy JDBC drivers system wide in /usr/share/java for availability not only in tomcat but also in commandline tools
François Cerbelle


06:23 PM Revision 21:1c18b2868836 (demovm): Ignore JDBC drivers
François Cerbelle
06:18 PM Revision 20:e123c24af973 (demovm): Updated Ignore list
François Cerbelle
06:11 PM Revision 19:a517b8fe160c (demovm): Updated GoogleMap sample
François Cerbelle
06:02 PM Revision 18:52b16bf7af81 (demovm): Added third party software files to ignore list and removed from project
François Cerbelle
11:35 AM Revision 17:970b5461e8c3 (demovm): Several tuning and fixes, see detailed description
- BugFix : Fill empty disk space with zeros always needs to complete OK
- Removed diff calculation from script
- Audi...
François Cerbelle


02:57 PM Revision 16:377127756bb4 (demovm): Liferay 6.2 and portlet installation
- Better clean up
- Added zip
- Increased Heap and PermGen sizes
- Rewrote Liferay installation script
- Added Lifera...
François Cerbelle


06:56 PM Revision 15:4950bc8ebd78 (demovm): Managed to script a default (dirty) Liferay installation
François Cerbelle
04:05 PM Revision 14:f939882836a9 (demovm): Base VM partitionning and size
- Resized base VM to 1GB
- Fixed CentOS hostname to Demo550
- Simplified partition schema to one ext4 partition and n...
François Cerbelle


07:10 PM Revision 13:c43ce04e0512 (demovm): Added Centos 6.4 base VM autobuild scripts
François Cerbelle
06:04 PM Revision 12:b475c0db2e77 (demovm): Added Packer scripts to automatically create Debian Fresh VMs
François Cerbelle


09:10 PM Revision 11:3ae01254f242 (demovm): Added tag DemoVM-5.5.0-0 for changeset a381a9a37ce2
François Cerbelle
09:10 PM Revision 10:a381a9a37ce2 (demovm): Updated JRS 5.5 with BIF, SugarCRM and Samples
Exported new samples from a PgSQL install and imported them in MySQL
Converted Samples to MySQL
Fixed the PostgreSQL ...
François Cerbelle
09:00 PM Revision 9:0d6cc572bbe8 (demovm): Added tag DemoVM-5.2.0-1 for changeset 35d1ff178f4c
François Cerbelle
09:00 PM Revision 8:35d1ff178f4c (demovm): New PHP web interface draft + SSL certificates and keys
François Cerbelle
08:57 PM Revision 7:b7017474e66e (demovm): Added tag DemoVM-5.2.0-0 for changeset 2dc1b8d403e4
François Cerbelle
08:57 PM Revision 6:2dc1b8d403e4 (demovm): Updated to JRS 5.2.0
François Cerbelle
08:55 PM Revision 5:75cab679ebcb (demovm): Added tag DemoVM-5.1.1-0 for changeset a73c98648e33
François Cerbelle
08:55 PM Revision 4:a73c98648e33 (demovm): Updated to JRS 5.1.1 + Sugar + Infobright + PHP samples
Added JETL dumps back (Audit, TAC)
Added JETL Job exports
Added JETL SVN repo archive back
Updated Mariano's PHP inte...
François Cerbelle
08:49 PM Revision 3:ed309e078f7a (demovm): Added tag DemoVM-5.1.0-0 for changeset 599dba3ce780
François Cerbelle
08:49 PM Revision 2:599dba3ce780 (demovm): Updated to JRS 5.1.0
Added GreenBay theme
Added SSL certificates and keys
Updated JETL AMC dump
Added License update PHP page (Guillaume's...
François Cerbelle
08:43 PM Revision 1:b5600ce372f1 (demovm): Added tag DemoVM-5.0.0-2 for changeset 54ef12d626c3
François Cerbelle
08:42 PM Revision 0:54ef12d626c3 (demovm): Initial import
Added License files to ignore list
Added JETL installation files to ignore list
Added JRS installation file (WAR) to ...
François Cerbelle

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