A compact virtual machine embedding all the infrastructure softwares installed and configured (Apache, Tomcat and Mod_Jakarta, OpenSSL and mod_SSL, Java, PHP, MySQL and PhpMyAdmin, PostgreSQL and PhpPgAdmin, MongoDB and RockMongo, OpenLDAP and PhpLdapAdmin, CAS, ...), and applications using this infrastructure, to help demonstrating integrations, reproducing test cases or customer issues, making proofs of concepts, grabbing screenshots or snippets, ...

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71.75 hours

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DemoVM 5.6.0-0 released
Added by François Cerbelle almost 9 years ago

5.6.0-0 VM
The new 5.6 VM will soon be available
Added by François Cerbelle almost 9 years ago

DemoVM 5.5.0-2 released
JETL 5.4.1, web interface, optimizations, new samples, management web interface, Web SSH console, ...
Added by François Cerbelle about 9 years ago

DemoVM 5.5.0-1 released
With JRS 5.5.0, JETL 5.3.1, OpenLDAP/PhpLdapAdmin, PostgreSQL/PhpPgAdmin, MySQL/PhpMyAdmin, Infobright/PhpMyAdmin, MongoDB/RockMongo, SugarCRM
Added by François Cerbelle over 9 years ago

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