DemoVM 5.5.0-1 released

With JRS 5.5.0, JETL 5.3.1, OpenLDAP/PhpLdapAdmin, PostgreSQL/PhpPgAdmin, MySQL/PhpMyAdmin, Infobright/PhpMyAdmin, MongoDB/RockMongo, SugarCRM
Added by Fran├žois Cerbelle over 10 years ago

This release includes
- a dynamic resizing at startup, to resize the partition and filesystem, Tomcat heap size, Tomcat PermSize, Infobright heap, Infobright threads, ... It is rule based with minimal value, maximal value and priority.
- New samples
- Faster boot and loading
- Dynamic reports, OLAP view, and dashboard preloading in background to prefill the caches (using REST API to get the list of objects to load)
- BIF/Visualize.js javascript framework
- JDBC drivers installed for DB2, MSSQL (native + jtds), MySQL (native), H2, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and Oracle

The VM was created using VMWare Player 6.0.1, available from

Should you need more space inside to load data, just extend the disk image from VMPlayer's VM settings (5.5 GB min)
Should you need more memory, just allocate more RAM to the VM in VMWare player's VM settings (4 GB min)
Should you need more CPU/cores, just add them to the VM in VMWare player's VM settings (1 vCPU min, 2 recommended)
You'll have a summary of the resulting settings in the VM's console.

The VM zip is available from (2.6GB zipped)
download it, enjoy it, send me feedback in this project tracker (, follow and participate to the forums ( and stay tuned for the next release (