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Revision 49:ebd9f4dea68b

Added by François Cerbelle over 10 years ago

Big commit, see details below
- Separated the Install script configuration section
- Factorized the GUEST/HOST IP detection
- Replaced the lastip.txt file with
- Stored last IP, CPU, RAM, HDD in last values
- Removed logging from early/late functions
- Added short colorized message in console during early/late stages
- Trigger only needed steps during early/late stages, depending on the detected system changes
- Added permissions to root on mysql from external IP
- Removed deprecated lines in Infobright install (NSS, NSCD bug patch)
- Added permissions to root on infobright from external IP
- Create and update jasperdb permissions on all databases from everywhere in MySQL
- Uppercased keywords in SQL queries
- Added an UpdateLiferay function to manage lportal MySQL permissions
- Better tisadmin and amcuser MySQL permissions management on talend_administrator, talend_audit and amc, from everywhere
- JETL configuration update in the repository DB instead of in a configuration file
- Bugfix : JETL AMC temporary install folder removed
- Early and Late init function highly factorized, optimized and improved
Closes #43

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