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Revision 55:926cea70e005

Added by François Cerbelle over 10 years ago

New web page, Java and PHP publication in HTTP and HTTPs, Code cleanup

  • New web pages framework (CSS, resources, templates)
  • SSH console embedded in web pages
  • Direct Tomcat HTTP connections (8080) disabled
  • All Java webapps mounted both in HTTP and in HTTPS (/etc/apache2/jkmounts)
  • All PHP applications defined in both HTTP and HTTPs in /etc/apache2/conf.d
  • Enabled .htaccess override for everything in /var/www using HTTP and HTTPS
  • Disabled permanent HTTP redirection to HTTPS
  • Added a lock/unlock icon to switch to/from HTTP/HTTPS
  • SugarCRM installation moved from /var/www/sugarcrm to /usr/share/sugarcrm
  • Added page to configure/clean/lock the VM before sharing it (with customer)
  • Protected variables in script with curly braces
  • Protected variables in script with curly braces
  • Moved Stage2 interactive questions to VT6
  • Changed provisioners sort ( moved between stage2 and zerodisk)
  • Added placeholder page for JNDI connections
  • Added placeholder page for SSL CA keys and certs management

Closes #35
References #37

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