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Revision 17:970b5461e8c3

Added by François Cerbelle over 10 years ago

Several tuning and fixes, see detailed description
- BugFix : Fill empty disk space with zeros always needs to complete OK
- Removed diff calculation from script
- Audit enabled in
- Monitoring enabled in
- Heartbeat disabled in
- Perpetual license code removed
- Bugfix : remove sed on inexistant liferay's files
- Removed JETL commandline initial license install (can be done using the web interface)
- Removed JETL patch for version issue (previous versions)
- Updated JRS samples (DefaultSamples, GoogleMap, GoogleMap2
- Disabled all other samples
- Disabled report preloading
- Removed MySQL -> Infobright DB copy (sugarcrm and foodmart)

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