From 10/13/2013 to 11/11/2013


02:57 PM Revision 16:377127756bb4 (demovm): Liferay 6.2 and portlet installation
- Better clean up
- Added zip
- Increased Heap and PermGen sizes
- Rewrote Liferay installation script
- Added Lifera...
François Cerbelle


06:56 PM Revision 15:4950bc8ebd78 (demovm): Managed to script a default (dirty) Liferay installation
François Cerbelle
04:05 PM Revision 14:f939882836a9 (demovm): Base VM partitionning and size
- Resized base VM to 1GB
- Fixed CentOS hostname to Demo550
- Simplified partition schema to one ext4 partition and n...
François Cerbelle


07:10 PM Revision 13:c43ce04e0512 (demovm): Added Centos 6.4 base VM autobuild scripts
François Cerbelle
06:04 PM Revision 12:b475c0db2e77 (demovm): Added Packer scripts to automatically create Debian Fresh VMs
François Cerbelle


09:10 PM Revision 11:3ae01254f242 (demovm): Added tag DemoVM-5.5.0-0 for changeset a381a9a37ce2
François Cerbelle
09:10 PM Revision 10:a381a9a37ce2 (demovm): Updated JRS 5.5 with BIF, SugarCRM and Samples
Exported new samples from a PgSQL install and imported them in MySQL
Converted Samples to MySQL
Fixed the PostgreSQL ...
François Cerbelle
09:00 PM Revision 9:0d6cc572bbe8 (demovm): Added tag DemoVM-5.2.0-1 for changeset 35d1ff178f4c
François Cerbelle
09:00 PM Revision 8:35d1ff178f4c (demovm): New PHP web interface draft + SSL certificates and keys
François Cerbelle
08:57 PM Revision 7:b7017474e66e (demovm): Added tag DemoVM-5.2.0-0 for changeset 2dc1b8d403e4
François Cerbelle
08:57 PM Revision 6:2dc1b8d403e4 (demovm): Updated to JRS 5.2.0
François Cerbelle
08:55 PM Revision 5:75cab679ebcb (demovm): Added tag DemoVM-5.1.1-0 for changeset a73c98648e33
François Cerbelle
08:55 PM Revision 4:a73c98648e33 (demovm): Updated to JRS 5.1.1 + Sugar + Infobright + PHP samples
Added JETL dumps back (Audit, TAC)
Added JETL Job exports
Added JETL SVN repo archive back
Updated Mariano's PHP inte...
François Cerbelle
08:49 PM Revision 3:ed309e078f7a (demovm): Added tag DemoVM-5.1.0-0 for changeset 599dba3ce780
François Cerbelle
08:49 PM Revision 2:599dba3ce780 (demovm): Updated to JRS 5.1.0
Added GreenBay theme
Added SSL certificates and keys
Updated JETL AMC dump
Added License update PHP page (Guillaume's...
François Cerbelle
08:43 PM Revision 1:b5600ce372f1 (demovm): Added tag DemoVM-5.0.0-2 for changeset 54ef12d626c3
François Cerbelle
08:42 PM Revision 0:54ef12d626c3 (demovm): Initial import
Added License files to ignore list
Added JETL installation files to ignore list
Added JRS installation file (WAR) to ...
François Cerbelle

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