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Add JETL LogServer

Added by François Cerbelle almost 10 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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Get LogStash from the bundled windows install, package it and install it in the VM

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Revision 106:dbb15b1f4431 (diff)
Added by François Cerbelle almost 10 years ago

DemoVM (5.5.0-3)

  • Grabbed LogStash from bundled windows install, packaged it and added it to the VM (Closes #124)

Revision 131:c6bbafa3f1d2 (diff)
Added by François Cerbelle over 9 years ago

Switched to JRS5.6, Repo to PgSQL, a lot of cleanup (cf desc)

  • Switched to JRS 5.6
  • Switched JRS repository to PostgreSQL to avoid porting the samples from PgSQL to MySQL at each release
  • Removed JRS 5.6-preview JNDI datasource fix
  • Updated JETL Sample export (WIP/SID)
  • BUGFIX: Detect infobright execution whatever the hostname is
  • Removed Java integration sample (Luke's) and related menu item
  • Removed PHP Sample (Mariano's) and related menu item
  • Updated the PHP footer to reference 5.6.0 instead of 5.6.0-preview
  • Updated the PHP headers to reference 5.6.0 instead of 5.6.0-preview
  • Increased BaseVM mage size to 8.5GB
  • Removed dead and obsolete code from
  • BUGFIX: unattended phpmongo install
  • Removed Liferay installation code
  • Removed PHPSamples

Increased VMWare disk image size to 8GB

Moved Resources/DataTypes in Resources/InputControls/DataTypes (Closes #134)
  • DomainSecurity : Moved Resources/DataTypes in Resources/InputControls/DataTypes (References #134)
  • SpiderChart : Moved Resources/DataTypes in Resources/InputControls/DataTypes (References #134)
  • Samples550 : Moved Resources/DataTypes in Resources/InputControls/DataTypes (References #134)
  • GoogleMap : Moved Resources/DataTypes in Resources/InputControls/DataTypes (References #134)
  • GoogleMap2 : Moved Resources/DataTypes in Resources/InputControls/DataTypes (References #134)
  • Foodmart2012 : Moved Resources/DataTypes in Resources/InputControls/DataTypes (References #134)
  • ExtraSamples : Moved Resources/DataTypes in Resources/InputControls/DataTypes (References #134)
  • Skeleton : Moved Resources/DataTypes in Resources/InputControls/DataTypes (References #134)
Puppet modules as a sub project (and a lot more)
  • Removed Amazon EBS builder from packer base VM install
  • Added PDF direct link in iFrames integrations
  • Added puppet-modules project as a sub repository
  • Added .orig files in ignore list
  • Updated bootstrap scripts with puppet-modules
  • Removed autoresize scripts as it is now part of puppet
  • Autoswitch to root when is started as non root (for Debian AMI
    and Ubuntu)
  • Preseed to forbid direct root connections and create an admin/admin user
  • Adapted the packer script to use sudo with the admin user

DemoVM (5.6.0-preview)

  • Updated issue update function to use JRSVERSION
  • Added Organizations, users, ... in DomainSecurity sample (Closes #128)
  • Removed the NumberGeneralDatatype dependence from public/DomainSecurity
  • Updated to JRS 5.6-preview (Closes #126)
  • Changed XMLA catalogs name in public/analysis (Closes #127)
  • Added UTF8 to Tomcat's AJP connector (Closes #130)

DemoVM (5.5.0-3)

  • Updated VM version numbers in files
  • Increased VM disk size to 7.5GB
  • Grabbed LogStash from bundled windows install, packaged it and added it to the VM (Closes #124)

-- François Cerbelle <>

DemoVM (5.5.0-2)

  • Switched from netinst image to full image
  • Added provisionner to remove CDROM repositories (because of full ISO install)
  • Updated JETL Admin to 5.4.1 (Closes #123)
  • Updated JETL JobServer to 5.4.1 (Closes #123)
  • Updated JETL CommandLine to 5.4.1 (Closes #123)
  • Updated JETL AMC to 5.4.1 (Closes #123)
  • Added JETL LogServer 5.4.1 (ElasticSearch, Kibana, Logstash) only kibana released
  • Added JETL BRMS 5.4.1 (Closes #123)
  • Factorized JETL AC configuration
  • Added JETL external third party libraries SVN
  • Added JETL Backup function (AMC, Audit, Admin, SVN)
  • Removed useless UpdateJETL_BRMS function (nothing to update anymore in drools when IP changes)
  • Removed old commented obsoletes BigData JasperPackage install calls
  • Added AdHoc custom template sample package auto install (Closes #34)
  • BUGFIX/PATCH: call to locale-gen before starting auto install
  • Reactivated JETL Samples auto install (currently empty) (References #85)
  • Added LogServer archive to hg ignore list (dont track binaries)
  • Increased disksize from 6.144G to 7.0G
  • Added DocOMatic dependencies in installation script (References #36)
  • Added BRMS monitoring web plugin
  • Removed proposed-updates from repositories (broke deps)
  • Changed to default locale in preseed en_US to en_US.UTF-8
  • Global status indicator
  • Removed Truncate logs (broke tomcat)
  • Added Global status indicator in header (References #120)
  • Added Purge all logs option (Closes #114)
  • Removed general logging from mysql and infobright
  • Added ExtraSamples (Closes #109)
  • Added SpiderChart with detail sample (Closes #53), but does not drill
  • Added AdHoc report template with Logo (Closes #34)
  • Merged Services and Logs webpages (Closes #113)
  • Added Tabbed homepage (Closes #33)
  • Added iFrame samples
  • Added BIF/Visualize.js samples using my personal JS libraries
  • Ported most of Sameer's Foodmart2012 samples (Closes #52)
  • Replaced Exim MTA by XMail (Closes #110)
  • Reenabed SSH install/config (root keys, StrickHostCheck)
  • Updated Embed theme export
  • Moved GreenBay theme
  • Added IdF and Centre themes
  • Updated Thin theme
  • Imported New Samples 5.5 in public/Samples550
  • Reorganized all resources in proper folder structure
  • Converted and cleansed all SQL queries to make them independant from PostgreSQL and executable in MySQL
  • Added XMLASource to fix XMLA connection
  • Removed external dependencies to /organizations/organization_1/*
  • Ported themes embed and thin (Closes #54)
  • Commented local MongoDB repository mirror in install script
  • Added/Ported AdHoc Standard Deviation aggregation (Closes #32)
  • Bugfix : no button when no available command in Services management
  • CAS service status in Service management (References #104)
  • JETL service status in Service management (References #105)
  • JRS service status in Service management (References #106)
  • Bugfix 'grep -v grep' in Logs and Services scripts
  • CommandLine service management plugin (Closes #92)
  • JobServer service management plugin (Closes #93)
  • Infobright service management plugin (Closes #90)
  • MongoDB service management plugin (Closes #91)
  • MySQL service management plugin (Closes #89)
  • PostgreSQL service management plugin
  • Services management web user interface
  • Apache service management plugin (Closes #88)
  • Tomcat service management plugin (Closes #87)
  • System management plugin (Closes #86)
  • Ported the AdHoc currency units extension (Closes #31)
  • Updated, secured, sanitized the license update page
  • Fixed JasperReports Server logfilename and logfilepath
  • Created SSL key and certificates update page (Closes #102)
  • Log view web user interface framework
  • System logs plugin
  • Tomcat logs plugin
  • Apache logs plugin
  • JETL Console log plugin
  • CAS log plugin
  • JETL CommandLine log plugin
  • JETL JobServer log plugin
  • JRS log plugin
  • MongoDB log plugin
  • MySQL log plugin
  • Infobright log plugin
  • PostgreSQL log plugin
  • Activated MySQL general logging
  • Activated Infobright general logging
  • New web pages framework (CSS, resources, templates)
  • SSH console embedded in web pages
  • Direct Tomcat HTTP connections (8080) disabled
  • All Java webapps mounted both in HTTP and in HTTPS (/etc/apache2/jkmounts)
  • All PHP applications defined in both HTTP and HTTPs in /etc/apache2/conf.d
  • Enabled .htaccess override for everything in /var/www using HTTP and HTTPS
  • Disabled permanent HTTP redirection to HTTPS
  • Added a lock/unlock icon to switch to/from HTTP/HTTPS
  • SugarCRM installation moved from /var/www/sugarcrm to /usr/share/sugarcrm
  • Added page to configure/clean/lock the VM before sharing it (with customer)
  • Protected variables in script with curly braces
  • Protected variables in script with curly braces
  • Moved Stage2 interactive questions to VT6
  • Changed provisioners sort ( moved between stage2 and zerodisk)
  • Added placeholder page for JNDI connections
  • Added placeholder page for SSL CA keys and certs management

-- François Cerbelle <>



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  • Status changed from Nouveau to Résolu
  • % Done changed from 0 to 100

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Updated by François Cerbelle over 9 years ago

Applied in changeset demovm|commit:c6bbafa3f1d2.


Updated by François Cerbelle over 9 years ago

  • Status changed from Résolu to Fermé
  • Target version changed from Later to 5.6.0-0

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